J.J. Sanchez is a Professional Golfer with goals to become No. 1 Golfer in the World! “With self-belief, hard work, and consistency. I truly believe anything is possible.” J.J. made is pro debut in 2014, and it has been a roller coaster of a journey since. Although his pro debut did not go as he would have hoped, he knew this was something he was built for. All he wanted was another opportunity at a trophy!

              In 2015, J.J. competed in several local regional events and PGA Tour Qualifiers. Although he fell short in each event, he never faltered and was more motivated than ever to take home some hardware. Finishing the 2015 season, the goal was to enter the 2016 season healthier, better, and stronger. In hopes of advancing his athleticism, he spent his 2015-2016 off-season in Sevierville, TN training with a strength and condition coach. Unfortunately, one day while condition training on the Great Smokey Mountain’s, J.J. suffered a sever AC separation in his left shoulder. Resulting in a clean tear of his AC and CC ligaments, the injury sent his left collarbone 4 inches out of place. “All I remember was a pop, and my left shoulder going numb like I slept on it wrong. I reached over to grab my shoulder and that’s when I felt it (the collarbone) out of place. I knew immediately something was wrong.” Requiring surgery, J.J. was faced with a decision. Roll the dice without surgery, leaving the longevity of his career in question; or go through with total shoulder reconstruction. After countless 72 long, excruciating hours he finally decided that surgery was going to give him the best chance at having a career for year to come.

              Although the surgery was a success, it left J.J. having to completely retrain his shoulder. After months of recovery, he was finally able to attend physical therapy and begin his journey back on the course. He began physical therapy at Michael Johnson Performance Center under the care of Ben Seagraves, and the entire MJP Staff. “Without them (MJP Staff), I do not think I would have been able to bounce back as well I did. I owe a tremendous amount of my recovery to Ben Seagraves, but in all honesty, every person in that building contributed to getting me back on the golf course. It was not only a rehabilitation center for me. It was a place where my confidence, my self esteem, and self-belief was restored. I met so many athletes dealing with similar injuries, and just having that support and constant atmosphere was amazing. It definitely helped my recovery process!” 

               After finally getting back to the golf course, J.J. was ready to make another run at the PGA Tour. Feeling rejuvenated and